"I tried to give you up but I'm addicted." ♪ Muse - Time is running out... weiterlesen
9.11.08 11:02

HIGH UP IN THE SKY I WANNE FLY, MY LOVE, I WANNE FLY. ♪ Regina Spektor - The Flowers... weiterlesen
10.11.08 21:15

I have never felt so lonely. At least not this way. ♪ Matt Pond PA - It is safe... weiterlesen
15.11.08 18:04

Just an empty frame. On an empty wall. An empty heart. In an emty room. There is nothing left. &... weiterlesen
15.11.08 19:07

...will I ever get to know the ending [of our story]? ♪ The Vines - Get free... weiterlesen
16.11.08 23:36

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